Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Asa di Ujung Jalan

"Even if you know who am I may be you will feel pity to me. I am a person usually close my eyes for something touch me."

I have a plan. I will be getting master degree in UI or I will continue my study there, abroad. It's not a new plan. I have tried to study ielst right now. so, I think get scholarship just wait a minute for me. Actually, I am still confuse about pursuing to get it. but, I am optimistic for it while if I couldn't I will try again as far as I could.

in the middle of this preparation, I still remember when I would get "gekkon". and for the better question with who "??"..

wait wait . . . it's not about something I want to discus. I want we hear information from 2 side for minimal or many proof are better. what happen in French right now is something usually every year. But, the problem right now is some people be victims.

this picture I got from Habib Rizieq facebook account. I agree with this picture also a fact which anyone can't deny it. 

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