Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Asa di Ujung Jalan

"Even if you know who am I may be you will feel pity to me. I am a person usually close my eyes for something touch me."

I have a plan. I will be getting master degree in UI or I will continue my study there, abroad. It's not a new plan. I have tried to study ielst right now. so, I think get scholarship just wait a minute for me. Actually, I am still confuse about pursuing to get it. but, I am optimistic for it while if I couldn't I will try again as far as I could.

in the middle of this preparation, I still remember when I would get "gekkon". and for the better question with who "??"..

wait wait . . . it's not about something I want to discus. I want we hear information from 2 side for minimal or many proof are better. what happen in French right now is something usually every year. But, the problem right now is some people be victims.

this picture I got from Habib Rizieq facebook account. I agree with this picture also a fact which anyone can't deny it. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I forget I have Blog

Actually I remember that I want to share something in my blank page but may be I am not clever enough to type every day I passed. I promise will type it but in english because I want it be my habit as long as I try  it will be hobby. may be every day in my mind I use english as my mother language (hahahaha).
I just try hard and enough to get better in jurnalism and writer. so, we will meet again may be about my experience or my view of thinking because a lot of thing I will share to you. if You have time a day to hear me, I guarantee you that is lack  to know what I think about this world and my experiences. see you soon. :D

Me on Margonda Street

Today Finally I cought by police or in other mean is "ditilang" on margonda street (main road). it's suprise for me because I didn't why a policeman ask me to stop at middle my way to course. With look like person didn't what's wrong have I did I ask "what sir?" to save my fear to the police. I knew later, it's because I didn't turn primary light on of my motorcycle. Oh no, I think this new information for me we have to turn on it. So Finally the policeman ask me "you can go to assembly this 20th?". Then I ask yes, oke no problem. 
Damn it, I cought at the first time, it feel no good anymore. for Exacly I know that I must to pay 100.000 rupias when I will take back my STNK (vehicle registration). It's too much for me for specially I will pay my registration for test SIMAK UI for magister program.
I look at speeding ticket I I found that constitution which I broke article number 293 paragraph 2. It's about vehicle didn't turn the primary light on. The lightest finalty is 100.000 rupias. 
Hmmm... it's absolutly hard to believe. I know how many people have I met always hate to police. because They are just stop us and then give the speeding ticket. making us to go to police station and give some many to get our guarantee back.
By the way my guarantee is STNK (vehicle registration) because when he ask about my SIM (driver's license) then I search at my wallet as if try to find it. Hohohoho. the exacly I didn't have it.
Source of Picture: Republika.co.id