Thursday, 11 February 2016

I want to be a special person

something I felt today deffrent than before. I read a news that post december which inform about academic achievement by an artist. Graduating master degree in London School of economic (LSE), horriable place to study make challeage anyone to look for it. The artist did it not only graduated but finish it in duration just only one year. Wow, amazing. "How she can did it?" Sometime I think live as artist will be lazy to study but, this achieve  open my ayes she is diffrent. And I want to so. I will burn all my pain. forget it and focus at my purpose just for this 2 years. I hope I can. As can as posible. acctually I just want to be special because of I am diffrent.
I have work and I have dream that I haven't been realize it. So the only way to out from it just manage my time. good bye dota, game, facebook, and others. may be something will happen to me but I will make it something to improve myself. not because of I didn't like teaching but just because of I have dream which more expensive than carrier or my salary per month.
I want to break the WALL!!!