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Sunday, 20 November 2016


on November 19th, many people did Bhineka Festival showed culture and something just for having fun. But, if we look about deep inside this parade financed just for being issue and take down political islamic issue that plea for insulting al Qur'an case. In politics, this is the way how to brainstorming idea.

Until today, November 20th, many broadcasting company release some information about varying culture in Indonesia. one of them is iNews, one company in broadcasting, showing information about culture that people almost forgot it. at 8 today, I watch by myself and I feel something important for this company to change mindset of indonesian being. "we have to respect about plurality".

In the other hand, this moment Islam as religion had been insulted by Jakarta's major. After the major was caught as suspect, people were disappointed because the major not going to jail as same as other case about penal code.

From this case, people who on the back stage of Bhineka Festival want to change political Issue to something else that show tolerance specially to minority. So, they try blow it up. As far as we know from this strategy who the "people" is. Just one answer for it, minority. They want live safe here but because of major who one of ethnic minority insulted al Qur'an, so they feel it is danger atmosphere. 

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